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How to order and pay.

How do I start shopping in the TJP Shop?

Shopping in TJP Shop is easier than you think. You simply select the products you want and follow the steps.

(TIPS: just press the button (Add to Cart) for each step will bring you to order completion. Do not forget to read the details carefully before ordering every time).

  1. Find a product you want.

You can find the products you want to have a wide range. Either it is the product on the homepage, or select it from the top menu. By clicking on Print media, then select a sub-menu. Online store After clicking select Will find our store page Users can choose according to your needs. Then click the button Add to the basket and the system will take you to the payment page.

Order and pay
  1. When you find the desired product, click “Add to Cart” button to select the desired product.
  1. After the shopping cart, click “Add to Cart “ on the top menu will show a list or number. In the shopping cart added to the user to click on the menu “View shopping cart”.
  1. After clicking the button “View Cart” page will find a summary of the order. On this page, users can add or remove items as you enter the coupon code. Participating in the respective categories. After users click on the “order and payment”.
  1. After clicking the button “Order and Pay” will open a page where you can fill in the address details. For shipping After that, click on the “Order” button.
  1. After clicking the “Order” button, you will see a page detailing your order number. Payment orders, bank account information for payment.