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Consulting Service

We are available for consulting services on a monthly basis.


[Areas of service]

1. Consultation on general corporate management.

*We can provide Consultation on everything from legal to practical matters, including human resources, labor, and taxation.


2. Consultation on culture and customs.

*We can advise on various problems that may arise due to differences between Thailand and Japan.


3. Consultation on mental and physical aspects.

*There is a lot of pressure to take on heavy responsibilities in a foreign country.

The pressure of carrying heavy responsibilities in a foreign country is great, and it can also be lonely, but there are few places and people you can talk to about it. You can’t get rid of them, but it is possible to get along with them.


[About the consultant, Chifumi Maeda]

Came to Thailand in 1998. After working as a Japanese teacher at a Thai public high school and as an office worker at a local company, she founded TJ Prannarai in February 2001.

I myself have been struggling, searching and studying how to manage and be a manager in a foreign country, through trial and error due to cultural differences, language differences and customs.

While working as a lecturer on labor law at the Thai-Japan Society for the Promotion of Economics and Technology from 2015, I saw Japanese managers struggling to manage their businesses in Thailand, and I wanted to solve “Is there any way to solve this problem before the law comes into play?” and “What is the root cause?” I studied “Labor Policy and its Impact on Japanese Companies in Thailand” at Nihon University Graduate School, and finished my research in March 2020.

I would like to use my experience and knowledge to help Japanese people who are working hard in Thailand. I would also like to be a good accompanist.


[Consulting fee] 35,000 baht/month