The importance of moving forward and accumulating little by little.


Hello everyone.

It was the third New Year since the Corona disaster. Many people have become commonplace to work from home, study online, or have meetings.


Today, I would like to talk about the importance of moving forward and accumulating little by little.


With this corona, I felt that more and more people started new things. Based on my experience, I started writing a blog in July 2021.   I started writing steadily, and as of today it has become 32 articles.  This article is translated into English, Thai, and Chinese based on Japanese, but there are 32 articles in English, 25 articles in Thai, and 8 articles in Chinese, for a total of 65 articles.   If you add 32 original articles in Japanese, it will be 97 articles.  At first, I didn’t write anything, and of course it was zero.

I also started writing this essay that you are reading in August 2016, and five years have passed. There are currently 54 articles.

The company distributes legal information every month, but 10 years have passed since January 2011, and it has now been distributed up to Issue 132.

At first, I didn’t know what to write, and it took me a few hours to write, but now once I’ve decided on a topic, I can write in about 30 minutes.


For example, let’s say you try a marathon. The distance is 42.195 km.

Can you run through this distance by being told, “Now, let’s run!” It’s impossible, isn’t it? What if you really run 42.195 kilometers in a marathon? The first goal is to walk 1 km, start with walking, and next is 5 km… Next up is 10 kilos… I think we will increase the distance. And I can’t run suddenly, so I think I’ll start by walking at first, run slowly and speed up a little bit.

Strength training is the same, and I don’t think I can have a dumbbell 10 kilos from the start. At first, I think I will lift it from 1 kg and gradually increase the weight.

Can you do it from the beginning that you have no experience? I think that the answer of NO comes when it is said.


This time I likened it to marathons and muscle training, but I think it’s important to keep doing it little by little and finally get to the goal you think. You may also be a pro on the road by keeping doing it.


Now is the time when the way of life and lifestyle change drastically, so why don’t you try various new things and move forward little by little? If you notice, the world you never imagined may be spreading.

I hope you can find something helpful.


Author: Ampere


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