The key to smooth business operations in Thailand is to manage effectively any "language” related problems.

  The TJ Prannarai Communication Co., Ltd. employs many expert linguists to work for you, providing a meticulous and highly-technical service.

Features	1.Three-step quality control: 
		2. Quality guaranteed by follow-up service

 Your documents will be delivered after going through these three steps: Translation by our language experts, who are specialized not only in the original document language but also in the specific technical subject (Translation), careful cross-checking of the original and translated documents (Accuracy check), and proofreading of translations by mother tongue speakers (Smoothness check).

 We also provide a follow-up service, such as revision to meet the required accuracy for internal needs or specific terms after delivery.

Languages covered /></h3>
<p>Thai- Japanese – English</p>
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Thai, Japanese, and English.

Fields covered

Brochures(translation to printing), ISO related documents, BOI related documents, manuals, contracts, financial statements, audit reports, shareholder meeting documents, incorporation documents, company regulations, materials published by public offices, government and ministerial announcements, academic books, and materials related to IT, and more.


Examples of our customers

Japanese Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok
Kitz (Thailand) Ltd.
Kyoden (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Nakamura Electric (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Mazars (Thailand) Ltd.,
Muramoto Electron (Thailand) P.C.L
Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.
Thai Riki Garments Co.,Ltd.
Saim Koken Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Seifun Co., Ltd.
Thai Nisshin Technomic Co., Ltd.
Major automobile manufacturers
Major electrical manufacturers
Major chemical manufacturers
Major audit corporations
Major trading companies
Major beverage companies
Mold manufacturing & sales companies
Automobile part manufacturers
Law firms
Real estate companies
Private hospitals
Website creating companies
Lighting Manufacturers
Electric construction companies
Fastening parts manufacturing and selling companies
Advertising companies
Printing companies
Securities companies
Finance companise
Japanese restaurants
Language schools

And more


Automobile part sales companies Control procedure
Web design companies Corporate information
Print media design companies Corporate philosophy
Japan International Cooperation Agency Survey reports
Japanese restaurants Operating license
Communication equipment companies Technical proposal
Automobile part manufacturers Instructions
Automobile/motorcycle part manufacturing & sales companies ISO related documents
Website creating companies Brochures
Food companies Questionaires

Law firms Contracts/ Agreements
Consulting companies Work regulations
Procedure work agencies Articles of association
Website creating companies Web contents
Japanese banks News letters

Consulting companies Company regulations
Facilities maintenance, repair, new-established companies Welfare regulations
Inspection devices development & manufacuturing companies Management policies
Law firms Family registers
Building material import, export and sales companies User's manuals
Automobile part manufacturing & sales companies Training manuals
Physical distribution equipment design & manufacturing companies Welding materials
Plate resistors' companies Work Instructions
Automobile part manufacturers Acceptance inspection Check sheets
Automobile-related part manufacturers 5S related documents
Trading companies Speech scripts

Apparel manufacturers Government gazettes
Home appliance part manufacturing & sales companies Announcements
Food companies Company registers
Real estate companies Rental contracts
Contract construction, construction materials sales companies Financial statements
Law firms Judgement paper
Plastic part manufacturers Evaluation sheets
Website creating companies Delivery menus
Trading companies News

Web design companies Company policies
Valve manufacturing & sales companies Minutes
Refrigerator parts' manufacturing & sales companies Presentation materials
Automobile part manufacturers Guide books
Print media design companies Catalogues
individual Marriage certificates
individual Passports

Law firms Contracts
Pharmaceutical companies Memorandums
Automobile part manufacturers Quality manuals
Machine tool manufacturing & sales companies Quality control tables
Logistics companies Procedures
Automobile equipment manufacturing & sales companies Accounting policies
Food companies Shareholder's lists
Home appliance part manufacturers Internal audit reports
Paper, Pulp manufacturing & processing companies BOI related documents
Home appliance manufacturers Application forms
Automobile part manufacturers Certificates
And more  

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