Company Profile

[Mr. Yamashita (Respect Co., Ltd.)]

I subscribe to your “Thai laws and regulations monthly revision info.”
Your information selection is brilliant and I’m always reading this with great interest.
Some of the questions from your other customers are new to me, which stirred up my curiosity and made me want to do further search on the topics by myself.
I guess that it’s not easy to sort out significant information every month as well as deal with various questions from customers.
I appreciate your efforts and please continue to keep us updated.


[Ms. Bessho (e.point (THAILAND) Co., Ltd.)]

Thank you for your translation service.
Your response is always quick and we receive the quotation promptly after the inquiry. Also, translated data is always delivered about one day before the due date.
I think you are a trustworthy translation company with a reliable service, and technical documents from various industries can also be handled.
Also, the “Thai laws and regulations monthly revision info.” delivered every month is very useful. It’s nice also to read the questions from other customers.
We shall continue to use your service.


[Mr. Fujita (SIAM KOKEN LTD.)]

We use your translation service for regulations and manuals etc.
We really appreciate your flexible response to our urgent orders all the time.
The quality is also reliable and we have confidence in you.
We look forward to using your service again


【Mr. M (Japanese-affiliated accounting firm)】

We usually use your interpretation service from Thai to Japanese and English. We always appreciate your smooth handling, even for short notice orders.
Your interpreters provide us with a reliable and high quality service continuously, even when technical terms are involved, such as explaining work regulations to employees, real estate appraisals, etc.
We are very satisfied with your cooperation for both its quality and speed and we shall continue to use your excellent service.